UV Air Purifiers in the Wasatch Areas

South Jordan, Utah, is a beautiful valley city, boasting gorgeous views of the surrounding Oquirrh and Wasatch Mountain ranges. In winter, fresh powder covers the mountain; in the summer, the arid landscape is peppered with lush trees and thick bushes. Wherever and whenever you look, the scenery is lovely — except when a haze of inversion smog covers the atmosphere.

It is no secret that our city is plagued with serious air pollution issues; we only need to step outside and look up to see the evidence. As the fumes from vehicle and building exhaust and other harmful emissions stay trapped in the valley’s atmosphere, the particulates — as well as bacteria, viruses and microorganisms — can find their way into your home.

Ensure the air inside your home stays clean and free of pollutants by installing a UV air purifier. Wasatch Clean Air installs this high-tech, home air purifier system in South Jordan and other neighboring areas in Salt Lake City. With this high-tech air purifying system, you can protect your family’s health with minimal effort.


What Is UV Air Purification?

Ultraviolet air purifiers are different from the standard air filtration systems. Rather than physically filtering air, they use UV light to incinerate airborne microbes and other harmful particles. We often install these filters inside air vents or in your HVAC system so they can automatically clean the air as it passes through the cooling and heating coils.

UV air purifiers:

  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Curtail the spread of disease
  • Protect family members vulnerable to allergens
  • Kill germs before they can cause sickness
  • Save cleaning time

We recommend UV home air purifying systems to Salt Lake City residents because they provide another layer of protection against polluted air. They may not block particulates, but the UV light destroys airborne microorganisms. The technology, therefore, prevents bacteria from reproducing and spreading throughout your home.

How Effective Are UV Air Purifiers?

UV air purifiers do an excellent job of improving air quality, but they are best used alongside conventional air filters because they don’t use filters, so they cannot rid the air of particulate matter such as soot, pollen, and fine dust. You still need traditional filtration systems to block them.

Why not just get a conventional air filter, then? Why add a UV air purifier?

The simple answer is you need both to thoroughly clean the air your family breathes. Conventional air filters can prevent sizable particles from entering your home, but they’re not entirely impenetrable against viruses and harmful microorganisms. Furthermore, air filters become less efficient as time passes and the dirt collected accumulates between its filtration panels. A UV air purifier will catch and destroy the microorganisms that get past your traditional filter.

Reinforce your existing air filtration system with our dependable UV air purifier. Get in touch — Wasatch Clean Air installs complete home air purifier systems in Draper, Sandy, South Jordan and throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

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UV air purifiers are mounted in your HVAC system in addition to the standard air filters that catch dust and dirt. They work by exposing the bugs, bacteria, spores, pollen, and other living organisms to intense levels of UV-C radiation. Since UV-C is rare (the atmosphere absorbs most of the UV-C from the sun), these organisms have no defense and the radiation breaks down their DNA and RNA, making it impossible for them to function.

By now you’re probably thinking, “If that’s what UV air purifiers do to bacteria, what will they do to me?” The answer is “nothing.” The UV air purifier system is mounted in your HVAC system or air ducts, so you will probably never even see it. It is also designed to shut off automatically when someone accesses the system, so your family is in no danger.

If your family includes infants, seniors, or people who are immune-compromised, you owe it to them and yourself to make your indoor air as clean as possible.


If you own a business, you know how quickly a cold or the flu can makes its way around the office. A phenomenon known as “sick building syndrome” can occur when a building’s air vents are full of bacteria, pests, spores, mold, or parasites that make people sick. When you have dozens or even hundreds of people breathing and sharing the same air, it’s no wonder they all get sick at the same time.

But you can fight back against biological invaders who are hurting your bottom line. A UV air purifier expertly installed by Tahoe Clean Air can remove the microscopic bacteria, viruses, spores, pollen, and mold living in your air ducts.

Conventional air filters can catch dust, dirt, and sand trying to make their way into your building, but these contaminants don’t do much. Biological contaminants, on the other hand, set up colonies and send out spores to find new hosts to infect. Even after they are caught in a traditional air filter, they can continue to proliferate and infect your employees and customers for years. That’s why it pays to be sure with a UV air purifier.


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