Dryer Vent Cleaning Services in the Wasatch Areas

Your clothes dryer is a workhorse of an appliance. You may not think about your dryer often, but the truth is that poorly maintained clothes dryers can become fire hazards. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that dryers cause 2,900 residential fires every year, resulting in injuries, deaths and over $35 million in property losses.

Regular dryer maintenance can prevent such calamities. With Wasatch Clean Air’s dependable dryer vent cleaning service in Salt Lake City, you can lower the risk of fire in your home or at your business.

What Is Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Clothes dryers draw moisture from fabric. The water carries lint with it, which accumulates in the machine’s ducts. Although modern dryers have accessible filters that trap most of the lint (which you remove after every cycle), some still gets carried to the vent system. The accumulated lint can eventually block the vents and cause problems such as inefficient drying and increased fire risk.

Wasatch Clean Air can spare you these headaches (and the costs that come with them) with our dryer vent cleaning services. Our service areas include South Jordan and Draper City.

We offer dryer vent cleaning as an add-on service to our air-purifying installation services as well as a standalone service. Regardless of the size of the job, whether it’s one dryer or a bank of industrial dryers in a laundromat, you can expect quality work from our vent-cleaning specialists.

Why Should You Get Your Dryer Vents Professionally Cleaned?

One of the signs that a dryer vent is due for cleaning is the dryer becomes increasingly inefficient. You find yourself extending the drying time or increasing the heat settings to get all your clothing to dry. Moist clothes, however, will be the least of your worries if it turns out that your dryer has lint buildup.

Blocked dryer vents also cause the following problems:

  • Increased energy consumption
  • Damaged fibers in your clothing (because of the higher heat settings)
  • Extended drying time
  • Increased risk of fire

Lint is highly flammable, and as dryers generate high temperatures, blocked dryer vents are fire hazards you should take seriously.

Cleaning blocked dryer vents is hard to do using rudimentary tools. Hiring professionals such as Wasatch Clean Air is the way to go. Armed with the right tools and knowledge about how clothes dryers work, our specialists clean your vents quickly and thoroughly.

Call us anytime you need professional dryer vent cleaning in Draper, Salt Lake City, Sandy or South Jordan. 

With our services, you can:

Reduce your electricity bills

Extend the serviceable life of your clothes dryer

Save on expensive repair or replacement costs

Prevent fires



Our dryer vent cleaning services not only assist with preventing fires but also have other practical benefits. When your dryer starts clogging up, your machine starts taking longer to dry clothes. It may take a while for you to notice. However, the time difference will begin to gradually grow longer and it may take a whole new second cycle to dry your clothes completely. Here’s where we come in. We help you reclaim lost time and the extra money spent on utilities because of repeated or slow drying cycles by thoroughly cleaning your dryer vents. Your dryer will work more efficiently and save you more money in the long run when you get its vents cleared out.
In addition, extra drying is also tough on your clothes. By simply getting your dryer vent cleaned, you can ensure you spend less on electricity bills as well as save your clothes unnecessary wear and tear.


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