Air Duct Cleaning in the Wasatch Area

Protect your lungs and your health from the negative sideeffects of air pollution by getting professional air duct cleaning services in Salt Lake City. Our services have benefited countless households, especially during the wintertime inversions when trapped smog hovers over the Wasatch Front.

It helps to stay indoors when soot, dust and other PM2.5 particulates (fine airborne particles that can cause respiratory problems and cardiopulmonary diseases) are everywhere. However, you need to be proactive in keeping pollution out of your home if you want to ensure your family’s good health.


Air pollution is not restricted to the outdoors. It is also rampant in homes and commercial buildings. Each time you cook or paint, the indoor air quality (IAQ) goes down. Painting or using varnish can even release harmful gases inside your house. Mold growth and vermin infestation also reduce IAQ and can cause health problems in your household, including:

  • Nasal congestion (sneezing, runny nose)
  • Eye, throat and skin irritation
  • Respiratory problems (coughing, asthma attacks)
  • Severe reactions in people allergic to mold or pollen
  • Severe reactions in people with compromised immune systems (patients who have HIV or are undergoing chemotherapy)

When staying outside poses a risk to your health, you need to make sure your home is as safe as it can be. Get in touch with the air duct cleaning professionals in Salt Lake City for your family’s welfare and your peace of mind.

What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Wasatch Clean Air specializes in cleaning air ducts and ventilation systems in Salt Lake City homes. We also serve homeowners in Draper, Sandy and South Jordan, Utah.

Over time, dirt can accumulate in air ducts and vents that feed into air conditioning systems. As polluted air flows into these ducts, the filtration systems trap the pollutants and prevent them from entering your home. Unfortunately, HVAC technology hasn’t yet gotten to the point where it can mechanically purge accumulated dirt from your vents. You still need to call in professionals like us to do the cleaning.

Part of our service is to make sure your HVAC vents are cleared of particulates (e.g., pollen, dust, soot), mold, insects and other unwelcome critters. These can significantly damage your HVAC system as well as your health.

Breathe Easy with Clean Air Ducts

It takes an entire community — the whole state — to solve the air pollution problem in the Wasatch Front. You can, however, make a marked difference in your own home.

Call our professional team whenever your home is due for air duct cleaning. You’ll get:

Improved indoor air quality

Low risk of respiratory health issues

Improved efficiency of your HVAC system

Less energy wasted

Longer service life of your air ducts and HVAC appliances

Choose Wasatch Clean Air

Expect quality work and timely service from our professionals. We have decades of experience in cleaning air ducts in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Sandyand Draper. Our technicians undergo rigorous training, and our company is certified to offer duct cleaning services to Wasatch arearesidents.

Wasatch Clean Air is committed to delivering quality services that benefit the entire community. Choose us and take comfort in knowing that a local company that’s an active member of the Wasatch community is taking care of your duct-cleaning needs.

Make sure the air your family breathes at home is clean and pollution-free. Get in touch with Wasatch Clean Air to schedule a cleaning service.


If you live in the Wasatch area, you know that a good air conditioner is a necessity in the summer. If you notice your home or business is hot inside despite your air conditioner running at full blast, you might think you need air conditioner repair or service. But many people are surprised to find that a thorough air duct cleaning solves the problem.

Central A/C systems typically move 400 to 450 cubic feet of air per minute through your ducts. Imagine how much harder they have to work—and how much less air they end up moving—if your ducts are clogged. Like cholesterol in an artery, dirt, dust, and debris can build up and reduce the amount of air that flows through your ducts. This means you’re wasting energy and money cooling that junk in your ducts rather than cooling your home or business.



Wasatch Clean Air uses the latest technology and technicians with 64 combined years of experience in air duct cleaning to ensure the air in your home or business is as pure and clean as the air outside.

We start with a thorough inspection of your ducts. We use fiber optic cameras to look for buildups of dust, dirt, and debris, as well as breaches or gaps in the seams that could allow particulates in. We then use brushes and sweepers to knock loose the gunk that has built up on the walls of your ducts. Once that is complete, we close off your vent and use powerful vacuum suction to remove the loosened dirt and debris. Finally, we perform a second camera inspection of your ducts to ensure that we successfully removed all of the dirt and allergens from your duct system.

Breathe easy, starting today, with Wasatch Clean Air.

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