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Are you a Magna resident looking for improved air quality and comfort in your home? The team at Wasatch Clean Air can’t wait to assist you with your indoor air quality needs! We are dedicated to helping you create a healthier, more comfortable home through improved air quality.

Whether you’re looking for simple services like vent cleaning or detailed programs like crawlspace waterproofing and mold remediation, we have the experience and skills to get the job done right. We also offer a wide range of air quality products to further improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a healthier home!

Dedicated Air Quality Experts

Whether you’re coming to us with a one-time air quality need or looking for a long-term partnership, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. We have the experience and qualifications to handle even the most complex air quality issues, and we’re always up for a challenge!

We provide full licensure and insurance to give you peace of mind, and our team is always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. We’re here to help you breathe easier!

Air Quality Solutions Offered

Because no two Magna clients are the same, we’re proud to offer a diverse array of services that covers many possible needs. Our programs include:

  • UV air purification: This system uses UV light to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses in your home’s air, leading to improved air quality and comfort.
  • Air duct cleaning: We’ll clean your home’s air ducts to remove any built-up dirt, dust, and debris, improving your indoor air quality and comfort.
  • Dryer vent cleaning: Another area that may collect dust and debris over time, we can clean your dryer vents to improve your home’s air quality. This service can also help to extend the life of your dryer.
  • Crawlspace waterproofing: If you’re experiencing water infiltration in your crawlspace, we can provide a variety of solutions to keep your home’s crawlspace dry and moisture-free.
  • Mold remediation: Mold can be a serious health hazard, so it’s important to address any mold growth in your home as soon as possible. We offer a variety of mold remediation services to suit your needs.
  • Odor removal and sanitation: If your home has an unpleasant smell, we can help to remove it and sanitize the affected area.
  • AC coil and blower motor cleaning: A build-up of dirt and dust on your AC coil or blower motor can lead to decreased efficiency and an increase in energy costs. We can clean these components to help improve your home’s air quality and save you money.

All of these services not only make your home more comfortable, but also improve health conditions like allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems.

For more on any of the air quality products or services we offer to clients throughout Magna and other parts of Utah, speak with our team at Wasatch Clean Air today.

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